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Rediscovered Treasures

The next three yearbooks are on their way: The Anchor 70-017; Keel 1980 Co. 84-171; Rudder 1991 C125.

This edition of the Anchor was discovered and recovered from e-Bay. It is coming to us via Fair Play, South Carolina. It is slated to arrive Tuesday, November 29th.

I can only imagine the world wind tour this book must have made. Most of its occupants would have retired before Y2K and gone on to do their own traveling.

This next edition of the Keel was discovered and recovered on e- Bay as well. It is coming to us via San Tan Valley, Arizona. It too is slated to arrive Tuesday, November 29th.

This book has seen some love. The back of the book it appears to have been signed by the recruit class and other members of the staff.

This book was discovered 1,780 miles away from its original location.

And, our final book coming to us in this group is another find from e-Bay. This book is coming from Grand Junction, Colorado. It is slated to arrive on Monday, November 28th.

Wow! What extremes this book has seen, the blistering hot asphalt of Orlando to the frozen peaks in Colorado.

These books have all been on journeys...what's your journey been like?

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