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How it started

Veteran's Day 2022 - everyone was posting their service pictures on FaceBook and it occurred to me, that I didn't have a single photo of me in uniform.

I served in the U. S. Navy from 1986 to 1991.  I searched the internet to find a copy of my recruit yearbook without success.  On my way to the used bookstore to look for a copy, I decided to call my mother to see if she possibly had my yearbook.  To my surprise, she said she did.

So, to all that don't have their yearbooks this is my promise to you.  I solemnly swear that I will scour each and every used bookstore in an effort to find all forgotten and lost recruit training yearbooks.

You ask, how can you help?  

#1 Subscribe to my blog - I will send a short email whenever I find a new forgotten and lost recruit training yearbook.

#2 Help me in my search for forgotten and lost recruit training yearbooks.  Consider purchasing the books and forwarding them to me for preservation.

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